The nightmare of folder and sizes in Unix systems

Finally found a nice tool to work with folder and sizes on unix systems, it’s called ncdu:

apt list --installed | grep ncdu
ncdu/bionic,now 1.12-1 amd64 [installed]

To list folder sizes just use

ncdu /example_folder/example_folder

You can exclude folders with the follwoing comand:

ncdu /example --exlude /example --exclude /example 

The output looks very nice and easy to understand:

ncdu 1.12 ~ Use the arrow keys to navigate, press ? for help 
--- /example -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
449.5 GiB [##########] /example
276.3 GiB [###### ] /example
241.9 GiB [##### ] /example
100.0 KiB [ ] /.Trash-96407336
4.0 KiB [ ] README

Its possible to navigate with the arrow keys to subfolder and etc.

Nutanix CE Edition installation issues on old DELL Servers

Writing down some issues I found during the  installation of the Nutanix Community Edition on old Dell 715 and 630 Servers.

Since the controllers of this Servers does not support IT mode or Pass through I had to configure them all as RAID 0.

After that it is necessary to cancel the installation Window because the Disks are only recognized as HDDs.

r/homelab - Nutanix CE - A installation guide / startup

To cancel the install window press Shift + R and the screen session is terminated.

After that execute the following commands in order to define the SSD disks:

killall screen
#choose the drive letters which are the SSDs on your system and execute the following command for each drive.
echo 0 > /sys/block/sd?/queue/rotational

Restart the installation with the following command:

./ce_installer && screen -r

Microstack on Ubuntu 20.04

#Install Microstack
sudo snap install microstack --beta --devmode

#Start with Access to LVM for attached volumes
sudo microstack init --auto --control --setup-loop-based-cinder-lvm-backend --loop-device-file-size 100
# Disable
sudo snap disable microstack
# Enable
sudo snap enable microstack

#launch new Vm instance using CentOS image and VM size 2
microstack.launch --flavor 2 CentOS --name Check_MK_TEST

#Configure this on the Host so the VMs have access to the internet
sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE
sudo sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
sudo iptables -I FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT
sudo iptables -I FORWARD -d -j ACCEPT
sudo iptables -L -v -n --line-numbers
sudo iptables -L -v -n -t nat --line-numbers

#Get Admin password
sudo snap get microstack config.credentials.keystone-password

The Power of Algorithms

Were scheduled to fly last Friday the 21 of October to Germany to visit some friends there and afterwards attend a Vipassana Meditation Course as a Server in Triebel.

We where already in the plane after two schedule updates, and then the captain inform us that the flight had been cancelled. Took it lighthearted and thought this would be resolved quickly and a re-connection flight would be booked by the company which is TAP Air Portugal.

After we de-boarded we went back to the check-in counter and there where 2 TAP employee’s attending the hordes of people from the flight waiting for answers which simply didn’t came. At least to me, after 3 hours of waiting in the line and few inches of advance. I gave up. Called a friend in Lisbon and went there to sleep and figure out what to do next.

Meanwhile i received an SMS saying that the flight had been re-scheduled to Sunday. I conformed with this new date after trying to call the Call Center and they assuring that they would help me to find a new date, but this TAP employee had not the authorization to make the change effective so he would pass me to the CENTRAL. All a big lye, after 1 hour waiting hearing music, never ever someone picked up.

Saturday evening I got another SMS saying that the flight on Sunday had also been cancelled and no other flight was assigned at the moment.

Called again the Call Center, after a long conversation and trying to find a solution, i could not believe it, again the same sentence, i have no authorization and i will pass you to the CENTRAL.

I know at this moment that nobody would help me, they have automatic algorithms in place and re-schedule your flight based on some parameters and there is nothing you can do about it or any employee of the call center. When you here the phrase “I will pass you to the CENTRAL” they will put you in an endless loop of Music and that’s it.

The algorithms have already taken over at TAP and that is sad. My plans to visit my friends in Germany are cancelled and so is the Course i would attend. Live goes on and at least i am well…

Dream Team

This is the last week I will be working for my current employer as a System Administrator.
Has been a great and rich adventure. Its unbelievable how many people we get in touch in a Big Company. That’s what i take with me, the tolerance to work in a group and accept each other, work with the strength of a big work force. Nobody ever refused to help or meet up to discuss things and find the best solution.

My future employer will be a smaller company with only 200 people and a really small IT group compared to the one i am now, which is scary if you think that you wont have so many experts to ask for help or discuss things out…

Lets see if everything turns out well.

My Heart aches

This Saturday my dear friend left her body for the last and biggest travel. Travel into the mystery of Life.

Oh dear Rita Saraiva , you will be so missed. If i think that i will not be able to hear your voice one more time, it breaks my heart. The time we walked the same road, was a good one with you, you was there for me when nobody else was.

Beside your hard burden life put on you, you did not care and helped so many to open their hearts, be it with your paintings, writings, music, or just pure love.


You are one of a few special stars that come to earth. I am very grateful for the time we had together. May you be happy wherever you are now or will be. May you be peaceful, May you be Liberated.


Espera por mim
Quando fores lá acima
Porque eu quero saber como é voar

Abre uma porta no vento
Para eu passar

Espera por mim
Quando fores ao branco

Espera quando a chuva voltar
Abre entre o frio e o espanto
Abre uma porta no tempo
Para eu passar

Espera por mim
Porque eu quero saber como é acima do azul
Azul Azul Azul Azul Azul
Entre a terra e o Mar

Espera por mim
Quando fores ao luar
Porque eu quero saber como é
Onde acaba o ar
Abre uma porta no tempo
Entre a noite e o centro

Para eu passar

Espera por mim
Quando fores ao verde
Espera quando o tempo parar
Abre uma porta acima do vento
Para eu entrar
Porque eu quero ver como é
Ir e voltar
Do azul azul azul azul azul

Entre a terra e o mar

By Rita Saraiva in (Oceanos do meu Pensamento)

I Love you forever

Trail in Obidos – Stone Quarry and Cliffs Loops

Found recently a new Trailing app (alltrails ), which I put to test on a Trail in Obidos, near Caldas da Rainha.

I started the trail at 16:30 in a small village called Zambujeiro. At the beginning it starts on walking path, until a turn right into the hill forest of this location. Inside the forest you can easily follow the provided app gps and route. It works really well, i did not lose myself one time.

So in the begging you are in this wild hill forest, enjoying calm nature and walking almost alone all the time, in the begging phase I did not meet anybody, only upon reaching the beach you will leave the forest and cross a main route, which you will turn after some meter strait again in to the wild cliffs of that area.

You can see a lot of wild birds, wild campers which found a way to enter the cliffs with the transporters. Anyway you can find wild spots also to camp, which i did. I found a nice very cool garden by the see and there i put my tent.

It just nice to camp somewhere wild, hearing  the sound of the waves explode on the cliffs and connect to the elements. That night it was Full moon and very special. I had a good sleep, anyway i really need to find an soft underground cover to take on my trips.

You can check the trail out here on this link:

Ecopista do Dão

Got the Visit from my German friend this Summer.
He has a big family, so the logistics are always challenging, never the less we arranged a Bicycle tour with one night camping, just we two of us.

Of we go to the very nice Ecopista do Dão, it is an old deactivated Train track, of course it was updated  and has now a very nice underground for cycling and running. The level gain is minimal and connect Santa Comba Dão with Viseu, along the Dão River, which is one of the most beautiful River i have seen.

There are bathing opportunities on the River and a lot of Shadows and wild Sightseeing spots. The Route from St. Comba Dão to Viseu is 50km long, and slightly but persistent uphill.

We started the Track around 11:30 from the Abeleda Mountain Bike Rental shop, which is exactly the beginning of the Track and arrived in Viseu around 18:30. We did some stops along the route and went always easy on us.

Because we found the best place to camp on an old train station, after provisioning, we cycled back 10 km to that place, where we had a wonderful sunset with hot backed beans, local cheese and some vegetables.

It’ s really great to be out in the nature, this track is worth all the effort and can be done without  roblem all year round. Please note that in Portugal it is forbidden to wild camp, especially in the summer because of the Wild fires. So please be cautious where you stay, we choose the deactivated  train station because of that, the risk to get into a wild fire would be minimal.

Into the Unknown

Back Home since one week!! Was a long flight trough Abu Dhabi and Madrid, last Stop Lisbon. Strange feeling to be back, all feels a little bit empty.

I don´t know where i will stay or go, and out of nowhere i bought a house in the countryside. All the plans and thoughts you make change in a matter of minutes and now i have something to worry about, construction, bank credit, and so much more… for someone that does not search for commitment this is actually a big step and mostly scary, curios how this new adventure will turn out.

Beside that i was togheter with some close friends which felt good and also went flying, could see the Atlantic Ocean which was actually one thin i missed when i was in Nepal.

Doing Time

This Post could start with, once up on a time there was an Nepali, Malaysian and Portuguese sharing a room in a Vipassana Center in the middle of the Forest of Pokhara (Bengal Lake).
Learning the value of Tolerance, sharing moments of real pain and happines, ups and downs. All while being in Noble Silence for 10 days. Getting to know the Routine of everyone after a while, no matter which color or religion or ethnic group. In the end we are all human with the same desire to be happy.

Thats the reason for doing time, to find a better way of life, to recognize ourselfs, to know your thoughts and feelings and where you are heading.

This was my second 10 day course and I thought it would be easier than the first, but it was not. The first days are so hard to get your body and mind to calm down and to focus. After that you start actually the Vipassana technique, which simply consists of scanning the body sensations. You might think it is easy, but it is not…the mind wants to keep wandering all the time and is the biggest enemy. It will do everyhting it can to take you out of the process.

Now the sentence makes sence when they say, Your worst enemy is yourself. Until you have tamed your mind, it is like a wild horse, doing what ever it wants.
Vipassana is one tool to help you on the process.

After the 7th day actually started to be more calm and to get some results, i could at least sit still for one hour and mostly be vigilant, attentive and alert.

You think what this means? It means you will watch, every sound, every smell, every thought, every image that goes trough your mind and don´t react to it. I mean every of this things…it requres a lot of focus, all this while in sitting posture and scanning for body sensations and again don´t react to them.

The sense doors (sound, thought, smell, etc..) will lead to body sensations, which we will avaluate with good or bad and that´s where the problem starts. We will crave for the good ones and have aversion for the bad ones…

I am gratefull to the lineage of Masters that kept the technique all this years, since buddha untill now, to all the teachers that thought me the Technique and mostly to Goenka Ji who spread it around the World. Thank you !!!

Vipassana Journey

8th of January 2022, i am again in the consultory of a guy in Beja (Portugal) who makes you stop smoking with quantum energy. He puts two metal crocodils on your ears and then with something that seems a pistol he shoots you some electricity into the location of your third eye. Pada, after some minutes you leave the consultory as if you never smoked, true story...its only the habit and social pressure that makes you return.

After being freed from addiction, i left for the north of Portugal. Porto, Viana de Castelo, Moncão, etc…
Being in Monção i received the call from someone, the connection was bad and i was really not understanding the purpose of the call. Finally i remembered that i had inlisted in a Vipassana meditation and was on the waiting list. Are you still interested in coming, you must be here tomorrow before 18:00. Thanks for the call, i will check if i can make it and call you after or send a message.

Checked the train connection and yes it was possible if i would stand up at 5:00 am in the morning. Here we go, by train to Madrid and then Candeleda in total around 1000km.

I had not really searched up on the course and it´s program, so i was going a little bit in inocense without knowing what to expect. I don´t know, i thought it would be nice to meet new people, sing some songs around a fire and that stuff and meditate some hours.

In reallity it is a military grade camp, you stand up at around 4:00 and go to bed at around 22:00. In between you are thougt the meditation technique Vipassana and meditate (sit) around 10 hours.

There is a really good book who explains all the details of a 10 day Vipassana Course in a personal view, higly recomend if you are interested.

So in short, in 10 days they thought you a millenial technique that was discovered by Siddhartha the Buddha, it is not tied to Buddhism as the name Buddha suggests.
It´s a simple technique and thats it, no dogmas or other religious stuff. Of course if you continue the practise it will inevitably lead you to his other teachings and also buddhism in general which has some parallels.

I have been practising Vipassana since then, every single day 2 hours per day at least. For me it has opened a door to a universal truth, which would be quite dificult to ignore or close again, so i continue to walk on the path. I am gratefull to all that lead me to take the course and in 3 days i will repeat a 10 day course in Pokhara to further deepen the technique.

Sun Salutation

Was looking for a place to practise Yoga finally after 1 month of inactivity. Went to a well know place in Pokhara, outside the announcement “Dailly Yoga Practise” from 8:30 – 10:00. Also fellow travelelers recommended the place.

Finally one day found the strenght to get up early and go there, went to the place where i thought would be the practise.
Inside is one person cleaning the room, i ask politly if he is the teacher. He says yes, but in an offended tone. He also starts saying that there are other places where I could practise. I asked him if i offended him in any way, and he questioned why I asked him if he is the yoga teacher and gets really angry.

I appologized if i unknowngly offended him, anyway there was nothing I could do, he was in the angry mode.

This day was hard for me thinking a lot about this incident. Anyway it is his angriness, there is nothing i can do about it other than sending Kind good thoughts of Metta to him. We have all our bad days 😕

After getting over this i searched for a new place and found “Mudra Yoga Studio” where i have been practising almost everyday. The teacher is funny and the classes are very demanding.

We practise Ahstanga Yoga and he reminds us to practise also alone, even if the value of a group is unmatched as we can see in this pic.

The Dhamma whell continues to turn

Today I visited 3 Monasteries in Pokhara, first the Matepani Gumba, which has the free day on Saturday, so not many monks were there and the prayer hall was closed.

Next on the list was Pema T’sal Monastic Institute, the monks were also on the free day, cleaninig windows, repairing stuff and the younger monks were playing footboll with so much joy that I stayed with them for quiet some time. After noticing my presence, their play became more competitive. Kids are just kids after all, even when this ones are already turning the wheel towards liberation at a very young age.










Next i went to the Tibetan Refugge Camp [Free Tibet] where also the Jangchub Choeling Monastery located is. When I arrived, there was an prayer ongoing in the prayer hall, the monks asked me to join them inside, so I sat in the last row and listened to the continues chants and prayers with Gongs, and the traditional trompets.
Definitly worth the visit and felling the ancient ongoing practise.

Along the Digital Path

One month has passed since I arrived in Nepal with the mission to test if i could work from a diferent country.  First 2 weeks were holidays which were spend in Kathmandu, Himalayan Mountains and Pokhara. Currently I am still in Pokhara and working remotly for a big Multinational. I use this Travel Router in order to connect to a VPN before making the connection on the available network.

Until now i did not find any inconvinience working from here, on the contrary i am really enjoying it besides some hiccups.
For example, bocked a place for one month, but after 3 days the Lakukaratcha started to appear, the small ones by the way. Really have my dificulties with them, i know it´s tropical place and very very normal. Anyway, cancelled the place and moved to another where i stayed before and enjoyed there a few days. So the new place is calm and chill i am working wonderfully, and again the Lakukaratcha appear, but this time big fat dinousauros, the mothership of them.

Couldn´t sleep that night. Really the big big one, all over the place on the floor, as soon as the light are turned off.
Again the snail with his house on the move, now i am in a place for the 3rd night and until now no Lakukaratcha. If they appear this time, i will accept them.

Other than that, the food around me is just perfect, you have any choice and it´s really cheap. For me as a vegetarian, its the holy land of food choices.

There are many people moving in Pokhara, which will go to all sorts of activities, so its nice to meet new people from all backgrounds and appearent missions.


Love at first sight

When i saw it, i was like hello. There you are, i was waiting for you.
I did something on the floor, i think with my shoes. It laid there in front of me, the perfect match.

Yes it happens from time to time, that you find the perfect walking stick on the floor.

I called it Annapurna, and the stick was a big friend for the coming days in the mountains.

We had to say good bye on the last day, as it didn´t fit into the jeep which took me back to Pokhara. Left it leanining to some building.
Hope it found a new friend 🙂

Thank you Annapurna.


Just Observe

On a 5 day Trip to the Himalayan Mountains it´s kind of programmed that you always meet the same persons/groups on the way, so it was also this time. Started in Nayapool, in direction of Poon Hill alone with no guide or porter to help with my Backpack.

Anyway i was meeting people and groups from all kinds of backgrounds and countries, until i met this one big group of maybe 7 people, they were loud and always laughing very loud. A laugh that comes from the guts, really and all the group was like that, for me it sounded kind of creepy.

My mind went on to categorize and organize this group into to the “i dont like” shelf,  tried to overtake and avoid them the best I could the remaining of the trip.

What happened was that each day i would meet them again, always in a situation, where I would fall exactly behind them, really out of nowhere i would cross with them and fall behind them, each and every day of the 5days.

Lesson learned, try to just to observe things, without categorizing. It´s very hard to learn it as I am very much programmed to always categorize everything in an eyeblink.


Here comes the Sunset

May I present you Pokhara´s Sun, which by the way is the same you are normaly used to see…

While watching the Sun, reading the Book from John Ross Carter, which is a wersterly view of the Buddhist Theravada Tradition.

Today i got a ride with the scotter from Leo which is a German Guy i meet before, we strolled around Pokhara and tried to reach a Waterfall but the Roads are non-existent outside the city. It´s a continual Rollercoaster.

the H[i][a]ppines of Pokhara

You know, normally when I read and hear everywhere that a place is awesome, 9 out of 10 i don´t like it for any reason.
Pokhara is diferent, so laid back and easygoing is hard to beat.
It´s an obligatory mecca of any hippie to be hear once in a life time and feel it.

Pokhara is starting point for many trekks to the Himalayan Moutain Range.
Decided myself for a 5Days beginner trekk to 3200m height called Poon Hill.

Kathmandu Kathmandu

Miss already all the hasle and buzle of the Capital.
Somewhat the people are charming and friendly and are well used to ignore you all the time, which is nice for an Asian Country.

Stayed in the outscirts of Kathmandu – Swayambhu
where you can enjoy peacefull evenings oposite to Thamel, the Rome of Kathmandu. All roads lead to Thamel.
Where you can find all kinds of exotic stuff, including restaurants.

In total stayed 3 nights there, which is enough to see all the tempels and main attractions.
Get a feel of the city and people.

Pro Tip: Mobile app “Pathao” is like Nepalise Uber. At least you have a base to negotiate the price with other Taxi´s/Bike´s.

Sending an email using Curl

Here is an example of how to send an email using curl on a Unix shell:

echo "To: <>;<>;<>;<>;
Subject: Sending an Email with Curl!

Just wanted to check you were able to receive this email, sent over the curl command.
Has it gone into spam?.

" | curl -s --ssl-reqd smtp:// --mail-from '' --mail-rcpt '' --upload-file /dev/stdin

And here from a bash script:

echo -e "To:\nSubject: Service is being restarted\n\nMaximum Service Check Attempts are reached!!!\nService is currently being restarted, this can take some time, wait until the next notification, before any action!" | /usr/bin/curl -s --ssl-reqd smtp:// --mail-from '' --mail-rcpt '' -n -T -