My Heart aches

This Saturday my dear friend left her body for the last and biggest travel. Travel into the mystery of Life.

Oh dear Rita Saraiva , you will be so missed. If i think that i will not be able to hear your voice one more time, it breaks my heart. The time we walked the same road, was a good one with you, you was there for me when nobody else was.

Beside your hard burden life put on you, you did not care and helped so many to open their hearts, be it with your paintings, writings, music, or just pure love.


You are one of a few special stars that come to earth. I am very grateful for the time we had together. May you be happy wherever you are now or will be. May you be peaceful, May you be Liberated.


Espera por mim
Quando fores lá acima
Porque eu quero saber como é voar

Abre uma porta no vento
Para eu passar

Espera por mim
Quando fores ao branco

Espera quando a chuva voltar
Abre entre o frio e o espanto
Abre uma porta no tempo
Para eu passar

Espera por mim
Porque eu quero saber como é acima do azul
Azul Azul Azul Azul Azul
Entre a terra e o Mar

Espera por mim
Quando fores ao luar
Porque eu quero saber como é
Onde acaba o ar
Abre uma porta no tempo
Entre a noite e o centro

Para eu passar

Espera por mim
Quando fores ao verde
Espera quando o tempo parar
Abre uma porta acima do vento
Para eu entrar
Porque eu quero ver como é
Ir e voltar
Do azul azul azul azul azul

Entre a terra e o mar

By Rita Saraiva in (Oceanos do meu Pensamento)

I Love you forever

Trail in Obidos – Stone Quarry and Cliffs Loops

Found recently a new Trailing app (alltrails ), which I put to test on a Trail in Obidos, near Caldas da Rainha.

I started the trail at 16:30 in a small village called Zambujeiro. At the beginning it starts on walking path, until a turn right into the hill forest of this location. Inside the forest you can easily follow the provided app gps and route. It works really well, i did not lose myself one time.

So in the begging you are in this wild hill forest, enjoying calm nature and walking almost alone all the time, in the begging phase I did not meet anybody, only upon reaching the beach you will leave the forest and cross a main route, which you will turn after some meter strait again in to the wild cliffs of that area.

You can see a lot of wild birds, wild campers which found a way to enter the cliffs with the transporters. Anyway you can find wild spots also to camp, which i did. I found a nice very cool garden by the see and there i put my tent.

It just nice to camp somewhere wild, hearing  the sound of the waves explode on the cliffs and connect to the elements. That night it was Full moon and very special. I had a good sleep, anyway i really need to find an soft underground cover to take on my trips.

You can check the trail out here on this link:

Ecopista do Dão

Got the Visit from my German friend this Summer.
He has a big family, so the logistics are always challenging, never the less we arranged a Bicycle tour with one night camping, just we two of us.

Of we go to the very nice Ecopista do Dão, it is an old deactivated Train track, of course it was updated  and has now a very nice underground for cycling and running. The level gain is minimal and connect Santa Comba Dão with Viseu, along the Dão River, which is one of the most beautiful River i have seen.

There are bathing opportunities on the River and a lot of Shadows and wild Sightseeing spots. The Route from St. Comba Dão to Viseu is 50km long, and slightly but persistent uphill.

We started the Track around 11:30 from the Abeleda Mountain Bike Rental shop, which is exactly the beginning of the Track and arrived in Viseu around 18:30. We did some stops along the route and went always easy on us.

Because we found the best place to camp on an old train station, after provisioning, we cycled back 10 km to that place, where we had a wonderful sunset with hot backed beans, local cheese and some vegetables.

It’ s really great to be out in the nature, this track is worth all the effort and can be done without  roblem all year round. Please note that in Portugal it is forbidden to wild camp, especially in the summer because of the Wild fires. So please be cautious where you stay, we choose the deactivated  train station because of that, the risk to get into a wild fire would be minimal.