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Nutanix CE Edition installation issues on old DELL Servers

Writing down some issues I found during theĀ  installation of the Nutanix Community Edition on old Dell 715 and 630 Servers.

Since the controllers of this Servers does not support IT mode or Pass through I had to configure them all as RAID 0.

After that it is necessary to cancel the installation Window because the Disks are only recognized as HDDs.

r/homelab - Nutanix CE - A installation guide / startup

To cancel the install window press Shift + R and the screen session is terminated.

After that execute the following commands in order to define the SSD disks:

killall screen
#choose the drive letters which are the SSDs on your system and execute the following command for each drive.
echo 0 > /sys/block/sd?/queue/rotational

Restart the installation with the following command:

./ce_installer && screen -r