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Trail in Obidos – Stone Quarry and Cliffs Loops

Found recently a new Trailing app (alltrails ), which I put to test on a Trail in Obidos, near Caldas da Rainha.

I started the trail at 16:30 in a small village called Zambujeiro. At the beginning it starts on walking path, until a turn right into the hill forest of this location. Inside the forest you can easily follow the provided app gps and route. It works really well, i did not lose myself one time.

So in the begging you are in this wild hill forest, enjoying calm nature and walking almost alone all the time, in the begging phase I did not meet anybody, only upon reaching the beach you will leave the forest and cross a main route, which you will turn after some meter strait again in to the wild cliffs of that area.

You can see a lot of wild birds, wild campers which found a way to enter the cliffs with the transporters. Anyway you can find wild spots also to camp, which i did. I found a nice very cool garden by the see and there i put my tent.

It just nice to camp somewhere wild, hearingĀ  the sound of the waves explode on the cliffs and connect to the elements. That night it was Full moon and very special. I had a good sleep, anyway i really need to find an soft underground cover to take on my trips.

You can check the trail out here on this link: