Sun Salutation

Was looking for a place to practise Yoga finally after 1 month of inactivity. Went to a well know place in Pokhara, outside the announcement “Dailly Yoga Practise” from 8:30 – 10:00. Also fellow travelelers recommended the place.

Finally one day found the strenght to get up early and go there, went to the place where i thought would be the practise.
Inside is one person cleaning the room, i ask politly if he is the teacher. He says yes, but in an offended tone. He also starts saying that there are other places where I could practise. I asked him if i offended him in any way, and he questioned why I asked him if he is the yoga teacher and gets really angry.

I appologized if i unknowngly offended him, anyway there was nothing I could do, he was in the angry mode.

This day was hard for me thinking a lot about this incident. Anyway it is his angriness, there is nothing i can do about it other than sending Kind good thoughts of Metta to him. We have all our bad days 😕

After getting over this i searched for a new place and found “Mudra Yoga Studio” where i have been practising almost everyday. The teacher is funny and the classes are very demanding.

We practise Ahstanga Yoga and he reminds us to practise also alone, even if the value of a group is unmatched as we can see in this pic.

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