The Dhamma whell continues to turn

Today I visited 3 Monasteries in Pokhara, first the Matepani Gumba, which has the free day on Saturday, so not many monks were there and the prayer hall was closed.

Next on the list was Pema T’sal Monastic Institute, the monks were also on the free day, cleaninig windows, repairing stuff and the younger monks were playing footboll with so much joy that I stayed with them for quiet some time. After noticing my presence, their play became more competitive. Kids are just kids after all, even when this ones are already turning the wheel towards liberation at a very young age.










Next i went to the Tibetan Refugge Camp [Free Tibet] where also the Jangchub Choeling Monastery located is. When I arrived, there was an prayer ongoing in the prayer hall, the monks asked me to join them inside, so I sat in the last row and listened to the continues chants and prayers with Gongs, and the traditional trompets.
Definitly worth the visit and felling the ancient ongoing practise.

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