Along the Digital Path

One month has passed since I arrived in Nepal with the mission to test if i could work from a diferent country.  First 2 weeks were holidays which were spend in Kathmandu, Himalayan Mountains and Pokhara. Currently I am still in Pokhara and working remotly for a big Multinational. I use this Travel Router in order to connect to a VPN before making the connection on the available network.

Until now i did not find any inconvinience working from here, on the contrary i am really enjoying it besides some hiccups.
For example, bocked a place for one month, but after 3 days the Lakukaratcha started to appear, the small ones by the way. Really have my dificulties with them, i know it´s tropical place and very very normal. Anyway, cancelled the place and moved to another where i stayed before and enjoyed there a few days. So the new place is calm and chill i am working wonderfully, and again the Lakukaratcha appear, but this time big fat dinousauros, the mothership of them.

Couldn´t sleep that night. Really the big big one, all over the place on the floor, as soon as the light are turned off.
Again the snail with his house on the move, now i am in a place for the 3rd night and until now no Lakukaratcha. If they appear this time, i will accept them.

Other than that, the food around me is just perfect, you have any choice and it´s really cheap. For me as a vegetarian, its the holy land of food choices.

There are many people moving in Pokhara, which will go to all sorts of activities, so its nice to meet new people from all backgrounds and appearent missions.


One thought on “Along the Digital Path”

  1. Hoje lembrei de ti e vim visitar-te
    embora cheia de inveja …Tão bom tanta vontade de encontrar coisas novas.
    Experiencia muito louca e saudável.
    Bom as tuas partilhas

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